First BioRTC Quarterly Workshop on Confocal Microscopy

BioRTC organized a one-week hands-on workshop on confocal microscopy from January 15th to January 12th, 2023. The workshop was sponsored by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and aimed to provide participants with an understanding of confocal microscopy and how to use it in their research. The program was facilitated by a team of experts, including Dr. Peran Hayes, Dr. Elena Ramachan, Dr. Murtala Bindawa Isah, Dr. Mahmud Bukar Maina and Dr. Takeshi Yoshimatsu. The workshop covered the basics of microscopy, theories, and good practices of immunostaining, practical sessions on confocal imaging, and image analysis.

Confocal Imaging with participant

The target participants were postgraduate students and researchers from Nigerian institutions who were given access to BioRTC’s facility and resources during the workshop and encouraged to use the facility afterwards for their research. The facilitators provided individual guidance and support to ensure participants fully understood the techniques and procedures in confocal microscopy. The workshop was highly successful, with participants expressing appreciation for the opportunity to learn and interact with experts in the field. Many participants reported that the workshop increased their knowledge and confidence in using confocal microscopy and that they were excited to apply their newly acquired skills to their research projects.

The one-week hands-on workshop was a great success, providing participants with valuable training and expertise in this important imaging technique. The workshop contributed to the development of research capacity in Nigeria and provided an opportunity for networking and collaboration among participants and facilitators.