Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions answered. Send new questions and we will update with answers.

BioRTC was established to serve as a training and research centre. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in research and training in areas of biomedical sciences in Nigeria and Africa, helping to solve local and global health problems through scientific research. 

To achieve our vision, we aim to:

  • Serve as a training centre for the training of scientists and health professionals in biomedical science areas to facilitate the development of highly-skilled scientists in Africa.
  • Provide state-of-the-art core infrastructure to support biomedical science research.
  • Facilitate research collaboration with scientists and institutions within and outside Nigeria to aid discoveries on local and global biomedical science research problems.
  • In addition to the above, BioRTC research scientists will be leading their independent research programmes.


Interested researchers whose work aligns with our areas of research interest should write to us via biortcnig@gmail.com about their proposed work and how BioRTC can help them meet their objectives, while also indicating their affiliations and academic status. Proposed work and research projects can be engaged through collaborations. If a project does not align with BioRTC’s overall research interest, there may still be the opportunity to work in the BioRTC laboratory by paying a minimal subscription fee.

The BioRTC supports projects related to neuroscience, cellular and molecular biology. The laboratory is interested in employing different animal and non-animal models to study biological function. Further details are listed under ‘Research Activities’.

BioRTC can provide an opportunity for you to build expertise in a topic of common interest. By developing and expanding these shared passions, you will have built a more solid foundation to move forward.

At this moment, BioRTC is not offering any degree programme. However, interested students whose research aligns with BioRTC’s research direction can contact us to discuss potential models through which they can undertake their research in our centre.  If their project does not align with BioRTC’s research interest, they may still have the opportunity to work in BioRTC by paying a minimal subscription fee. 

Students pursuing research degrees and who have funding can undertake their bench work in BioRTC as long as their work aligns with BioRTC’s overall research interest. However, an official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be needed from student supervisors or institutions before a student can commence research in BioRTC. Moreover, students will need to attend BioRTC’s training workshop before being allowed to use any equipment in the centre. If a proposed project does not align with BioRTC’s research interest, there may still be an opportunity to work in BioRTC by paying a minimal subscription fee.

Currently, BioRTC does not have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with any biotech companies for supplies of research consumables. We will review whether this is feasible and update our position accordingly. However, at the moment, BioRTC’s link with TReND in Africa enables us to receive some laboratory consumables and equipment. Get in touch with us to find out what we have and the modalities for accessing them.

You can apply to attend BioRTC training courses, conferences and webinars to keep up-to-date in what we do and in your chosen field. If relevant, you can apply to do your bench work in BioRTC. Eventually, we may have open positions for Laboratory Rotation projects for students or become partners with institutions to administer specific research projects or apply for collaborative grants. Get in touch to discuss what might fit best for your particular case.