Collaborative Science Symposium with Clinical Data

BioRTC recently hosted a successful collaborative science symposium focused on clinical data analysis from October 3rd to 10th, 2022. The symposium brought together a group of 50 clinicians and healthcare professionals from various hospitals in Yobe, who were selected based on their expertise and interest in data analysis. The goal of the symposium was to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis concepts and techniques, with a focus on Python, Excel, and SPSS.

The symposium was led by a team of experienced facilitators, including Renee Hartig, Ph.D., Ali Karimi, Ph.D., Andreas Kotowicz, Ph.D., Miriam Rateike, M.Sc., and Kerol Djoumessi, M.Sc. The team was supported by two assistant facilitators, Bashir Sale Maina and Adam Sale Adam, M.Sc., as well as BioRTC’s local staff members Murtala Isah Bindawa, Ph.D., Kundi Umar, and Abdulrahman Alkhamis.

The symposium was structured to include both theoretical and practical sessions, covering the basics of programming and data manipulation using Python, data analysis and visualization using Excel, and statistical analysis using SPSS. The facilitators tailored the sessions to meet the needs of participants, who had a range of experience levels from beginners to advanced users.

Attendees of the BioRTC collaborative science symposium with clinical data left with a deeper understanding of data analysis concepts and practical experience using Python, Excel, and SPSS. The symposium also provided an opportunity for networking and sharing expertise among clinicians from different hospitals in Yobe. The success of the symposium demonstrates the benefits of collaboration between healthcare and data analysis experts.