BioRTC Acquires Nigeria’s First LSM 780 Confocal Microscope: A Leap in Advanced Scientific Research

In July, the Imaging and Cytometry Centre of the University of York generously donated an LSM 780 Confocal microscope to Dr. Mahmoud Bukar Maina, the founder of BioRTC, for use at the Biomedical Science and Training Centre. This equipment successfully reached Nigeria two weeks ago, and this week, we welcomed an expert confocal engineer from the Czech Republic to install the equipment.

Currently, BioRTC is the only facility in Nigeria equipped with two Confocal Microscopes, one of which is the LSM 700 model. This enhances the centre’s capacity to tackle ambitious scientific inquiries. As an open-access facility, the centre allows researchers from across Nigeria or Africa to utilize the equipment in our facility for their studies, thus helping to drive research and development led from within the African continent.

LSM 780 Confocal microscope

As part of this initiative, Dr Kalli Gazali, the Registrar of Yobe State University, and Prof. Babagana Ahmed, the Provost of the College of Medical Sciences, visited the centre to witness the ongoing installation of the equipment.

Expressing confidence in the transformative impact of this addition, the YSU Registrar acknowledged the unwavering support of Dr. Mahmoud Bukar Maina, who not only founded BioRTC but also serves as the Special Adviser to the Yobe State Governor on Science, Research, and Innovation. The Registrar, on behalf of the University Management, extends heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Mahmoud Bukar Maina for his invaluable contributions to the Yobe State University academic and research community.

On his part, Dr. Maina conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to both the Yobe State Government and Yobe State University for their unwavering support, serving as a pivotal force enabling BioRTC’s growth and advancement.